Wednesday, November 26, 2008


They say you learn something new everyday. Today I've learned that mascara is NOT microwavable.

Do I need to explain this?

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

phone hysteria

I'm posting this from my PHONE!! How crazy is that?! So, here's the scoop...

Almost a year & 1/2 ago I had a Razr VG3 that I thought was cool shit. Internet connection, myspace mobile, email at my fingertips. But NOW I have a BlackBerry Curve (going on 8 months) that I just connected 2 the Internet 2day. This thing is not leaving my hands!! I was addicted 2 my phn b4, but now I'm going 2 be a full blown junkie :)

An advanced appology 2 everyone whom I might ignore now that my fingers are permanantly attached 2 my BlackBerry. And u thought it was bad before... Little do u know!

I have applications for mobile versions of myspace (much improved!), facebook, and 4 different email accts. I can IM, blog, mojo ... Anything! I'll never get any sleep! :)

Stay tuned for more info!!