Wednesday, December 30, 2009


* Wait, Miss-I-Don’t-Fall-For-Guys is hooked up on someone? How did this happen??!!

* I don’t have any idea. If I knew how, I’d surely undo it.

* What makes him so different than any other guy out there?

* I DON’T KNOW. I don’t understand it at all. That’s an unanswerable question. That’s like asking what makes me so different from any other woman out there. Why are you always so stuck on me?

* When you looked at me and said “Where you happen to live right now does not define who you are” I knew right then you were different from other girls. You didn’t do a u-turn to drop me back off at the shelter. And then seeing you in that black fur coat with your blonde hair all curled up … yeah that really did it for me.

* Ok smarty, that’s enough.

* So, this guy, he’s just like an average Joe?

* No. He’s a spectacular loser. Why else would I have fallen?

Saturday, December 26, 2009


Nights of solitude interrupt the thoughts of you
A body lying next to mine
Warmth spreading fire but cannot touch my soul
A death occured, unnoticed
A time long gone leads to something more
Not seeking comfort in tranquility
A moments peace walks out thru the door
Leaving me alone
Thoughts cascading through this heart of mine
Replacing him for you

A moments hesitation left behind and cast aside
Two entities now one combined
Night's rough passion then ignites the flame
Burning me alive
The flirting of my heart's desire left unchecked
Lying rugged on the floor
But do you see or do you care now
The bitter pieces thrown about
Daylight comes and I am gone again
Replacing you for him

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

below the surface

below the surface
resting in peaceful slumber
where night's soft breeze
releases tensions taught with heat

below the surface
calm and cool and sweet
melodies of thoughts run wild
pleasant moments overflowing in dreams

below the sirface
memories whisper by like clouds
fluttering to and fro
stumbling through darkness in silence

below the surface
departed from all sorrows
left behind the agony of loving
unconditionally alone, forever

that's where I'll be
when you come to look for me
Below the surface.

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Saturday, December 12, 2009

almost ordinary

Why do you always try to kiss me?
Because you never try to kiss me.
Don't you think that indicates something? Why do you keep trying?
Because I'm attracted to you.
Do you go around trying to kiss every woman your attracted to? And you've had first hand experience at seeing how messed up I am. Stop trying.
Some of the best pieces of art that I've seen are just random messes thrown together. The beauty lies in the flaws, characteristics, and uniqueness of each piece. Beauty is not perfection.
I don't want to be beautiful. Or perfect. I simply want to be ... not a wreck.