Thursday, March 4, 2010


Stop wanting so much from me.
*You never want enough*
Stop ignoring me.
*You call me too much *

<< is there a line >>

You're correct, these things do not need to be said. I have no one to say them to. I say them to myself -- to get rid of them.

I would not be this way otherwise [would there be any other way]. Answers that I don't have. Questions that are not asked. Words that drip echoes from my lips. Gliding into oblivion on secret pirate ships.

Leave me lost at sea. Drifting into solitude.

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Location:from the depths


JenniAsh said...

Some interesting ideas here.

That last line, 'Leave me lost at sea. Drifting into solitude' is how I feel right now so I guess I can empathise with this piece.

Nice post.


Brosreview said...

If this is true, come out of it Triana.

Nicely expressed!

Gautam Anand said...

Yup.. the endin was good ..

visited ur place for the 1st time...
liked it !!

inviting u to my poetic world .. nd precious comments ..

JenniAsh said...

I have nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. If you are interested in accepting it just check out the post on my page:


Aren O. Týr said...

Eventually a ship lost at sea washes up on some shore.

And quite often, such a ship finds great discoveries.