Monday, May 3, 2010


Moments slip by unnoticed. Today becomes yesterday and tomorrows never cease to be the future. All while the moment passes by unfinished. Easily released as the next eagerly awaits.

Awake to find yourself wandering aimlessly as the wrong turn seemed the right turn ... in the moment ... but that moment is gone and the next flashes by while wrong answers haze into right answers ... but a moment too late. Always a moment. Always the wrong answer.

Here I am. Vindicated.

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Brosreview said...

Well, Einstein once said that one who has not made a mistake must not have tried anything new. Considering the time. you might have done just that. However, one must learn from their mistakes. Besides, for some individuals on certain occasions, circumstances rule over them instead of the other way around. Well, do not brood, do not repeat them. Simple! Besides, do to forget mistakes have become a synonym to experience.

JenniAsh said...

'Here I am. Vindicated.'