Thursday, June 16, 2011


In his lifeform, the individual is obviously only a fraction and therefor necessarily a distortion of totality of Man. He is limited or "locked" into a gender of either male or female; and, at any given period of his life, he is again "fixed in the moment of his experience" as either child, youth, middle-aged, mature, or old; furthermore, in his archetypal role, he is either warrior, priest, thief, slave, king (or she - nun, mother, wife, seductress, whore). Hence, the fullness - the totality of man - is not to be found in its individual member, but in Mankind as a whole. Likewise, the essence - the nature of a man - is not to be discerned from an individual act, but in his conduct as a whole.

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This is interesting... you've got me thinking...