Wednesday, September 3, 2008

everyone loves hate mail

Welcome to my world!! This is the message sent to me by Mrs. Holly (Piper) Cambell this morning. She then called me, TWICE, and left a silly voice mail that she thought would intimidate me. Ha ha ha ha! I laugh! She obviously STILL doesn't understand who she's dealing with. Like I won't walk around w/a little egg on my face just to keep a permanant reminder open for her & the rest of the world to see how truly idiotic she is being. As many of you KNOW Jere for his TRUE self, this letter will be very entertaining. I am not afraid to open myself to the world. GOOD & BAD.

A tad background information: Holly was Jere's girlfriend before he moved to IN from NY. Now she feels her life is so upsetting that she must contact "old loves" (don't we all know how that one goes) to appologize for being a bitch in her teenage years. Ummm, hello? Jeremiah has fed her his usual stories of pity & she immediately takes bait. She has very little clue as to what is REALLY going on here, and it shows. Her accusations are so far off base, it's worth a good laugh.

Jeremiah is mad at me because I won't give him one more chance so he's feeding Holly more & more lies by the moment. Yes, I have issues. So does the rest of the world. It's nothing new.

Take a deep breath; you'll be trying to catch it after you read this shit!

unedited FROM HOLLY:

MY laptop is out of state getting fixed I am not welfare trash that has to go to the library to access the computer to try to validate her evil doings. I have two computers one of which is my children's yes my children have their own computer in their own room in a house that we own! And hey yea I have a van that has a CD player in it that is not hard wired to my cars battery! How about that one! Do you really think that Jen is not going to show me these messages or even the texts that you are sending her Come on get with it girl pull your head out of your fucking big ass and grow the fuck up! I am part of Jere's life and always will be to an certain extent sorry if you don't like it but OH THE FUCK WELL! I DO NOT WANT HIM! I DO NOT WANT THIS TRASHY DRAMA! I DONT NEED IT! SO KEEP IT UP SO JEN AND I CAN SIT BACK AND HAVE A BIG LAUGH AT YOUR EXPENCE! Thanks for the free freak show it has been very amusing so far cant wait to see what the next chapter holds. Jen and I have a bet that it includes another child coming out of the wood work :)HAVE A GREAT DAY AND ALSO WHILE YOU ARE AT THE LIBRARY ACESSING YOUR MYSPACE ACCOUNT YOU MAY WANT TO CHECK OUT THE BOOK "MAKING LOVE LAST FOREVER" BT GARY SMALLEY, IT MAY GIVE YOU A CLUE!HUG AND KISSES HOLLY :)


Now my comments. First of all, her grammar & spelling are pathetic. I am not on ANY sort of welfare. I am currently tying on my laptop & I also have a home PC, both of which I maintain & fix myself. I take my children to the library on a weekly basis to enrich their lives with learning. I've owned TWO houses, at the same time, which I bought with my own money, not my husband's, boyfriend's, or any family member's. I currently RENT because I'm leaving the area!! DUH! I pay for more than just my own bills, without having a husband/boyfriend pay anything for me. While she is driving around upstate NY in her van I prefer to be healthy & ride my bike. My car is a piece of crap because I don't really give a shit about having a new one. I'm not materialistic like that. The radio/cd player WAS hardwired to the battery because my dumb ass ex husband wanted to suck up & put a new one in it but he didn't know how to do it the CORRECT way.

My big ass? Yeah, and then what? Seriously a case of the pot calling the kettle black. Like that reality is really going to hurt my feelings. And dear friend JEN keeps texting & calling me. Act like I don't know what's going on here. I'm an old pro at Jeremiah's games. She not the first tramp to text me, call me, or even email me. I was fully aware Jen would show Holly my messages, that's why I sent them to her!! It was Holly who became upset about the deal, sending me this msg & leaving nasty msgs on my voicemail.

And for someone who doesn't "want" Jere, she might want to reread all her messages to him over the last three weeks. According to Holly, Jere is the hottest man alive & she can't figure out why she doesn't love her HUSBAND like she "loves" Jeremiah. Ah, my dear woman, one day you will see the truth & feel as foolish as you sound right now.

Darling, wake up. It's not just you and Jen getting a good laugh. Thinking that you are anything at all to this man, or EVER WERE, now that's the laugh.

I don't need to check out any books on making love work. But for someone who's on the verge of filing for a divorce, I guess she would know which way to point me, huh? YOWZA!

I'm the freak show? LOL, whatevs. I only hope her children are greatful for the ammenties they have in their lives & don't grow into the monsterous bitch that she is currently exemplifying.

Oh looky there, I think I found my little feeling that was hurt. No wait, this is me, living in reality.

Keep barking bitch. You're at the wrong tree.

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