Wednesday, June 16, 2010


A backward glance and tears spill relentlessly on the inside. Trying to focus forward as ghostly figures catch the corners of my view, reaching for the me that used to be, that no longer remains. Outside I remain cold, indifferent to the pain, aching not for what was left behind but stepping fully into the present that will build my dreams to come. Hope carries me forward while old memories attempt to drag me under. Desolation lingers along the path I have walked. Fate cannot leave me abandoned to the destiny of destruction which has seemed to linger for so long. The answers lie hidden amongst today’s choices and tomorrow’s opportunities while the timeline of life beats raggedly, leaving a stumbling trail impossible for most to follow. Exhaling the breath of hesitation that I’ve held for so long; my lungs breathe in air laced with traces of happiness as confusion clears and the future changes shape.

Oblivion has released my secret pirate ship and I find that I am not its only passenger.

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Opaque said...

Ignorant is one who does not realize what has just been found. It is great to read that you've recognized and embraced what you have found. Undoubtedly, you must be feeling immense pleasure. You can do nothing about the past, but learn from it.

I recall me dad telling me in a photographers' lingo about how to sweep away the reminiscences of the past that which remembered takes us nowhere. He'd tell me to add a hood on the lens and retract the lens to its original position. I'm not sure whether you understand this. But, by doing so, regardless of the image developing a thick black border on the sides AKA the past, the subject AKA the present/future becomes more prominent.

Don't get bogged upon what the future has in store. As of now, it is an illusion. It is opaque. However, if you can dream of it, and work on it, you can get there. All I am implying is that reconciling with the past, learning from it, moving on, embracing the present with caution renders a picturesque panoramic vision of life AKA enlarges the prospects of the future.

We all are passengers in life's journey. I think you are more than a passenger. Judging from this post, keep your senses awake, and look out the window as your favorite spots are soon arriving. So, you are a happy traveler!