Friday, July 9, 2010

clear view

That was the last time I'll think of you.
Every glance behind shows a different view.


Opaque said...

A glance behind shall bring no good, especially after you have already learnt from it.

findingmywingsinlife said...

hmmm. Me thinks I know about this...;)
Interesting pic btw, says alot- which I'm sure you intended it too. Oh, and yes...walks must be resumed. This week will be an interesting roller coaster, lets hope I survive :)

Anonymous said...

whats gone is gone... look always forward to your tomarrow...

Triana said...

Ajey, a glance behind is always a good refresher as long as it is used as a reminder and not done in a longing manner.

April, curious to know what your thoughts were on who or what this post related to. We may have discussed it already, but I don't recall.

Sir Thomas, what's gone may be gone, but sometimes it's difficult to carry forward with the full lessons of the past when you don't take at least some time to review what's been done in the past.

And what's with all these spammers?? I'm deleting at least a dozen junk "comments" ... JERKS!