Sunday, August 22, 2010

hiding me

Is it so difficult to be me? Happy or unhappy, something is always too much. Keeping my thoughts to myself and quietly being me, or speaking my mind, each outcome seems the same. Rejection kills me. What I view as natural seems over the top for most.

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Opaque said...

Both the outcomes should not be the same. So, I am provoked to mention that you are doing something wrong here. I mean, keeping thoughts to yourself and relying on yourself to come up with a solution takes a lot of in-depth understanding and rationality.

If you choose the other path of sharing it with someone in this discovery of yourself, you need to find the right being to confide in.

Rejection kills everybody. On the other hand, if the reason is properly iterated and understood, one can be spared to live.

Natural and normal is always over the top to everybody. All we can do is try our best to be close to it.

Do you know why religious websites have these mini clips of happy families? Those are in most cases non-existent. But, they still shower hope. And, hope drives mankind.

Kaleidoscope Girl said...

I'm still trying to work out who I am. I feel like a stranger in my own body.

Anonymous said...

i think you're as normal as they come. it's only natural to react when others react in a way we don't expect. i can relate to feeling as if you can't 'voice' your feelings, for fear of other's reactions or opinions. remember.. do what you NEED to do and vent, bitch, scream .. if that's what it takes to keep from pinning up those emotions. that's a cancer you can prevent.
hang in there!

findingmywingsinlife said...

Hmmm....lots of questions I have for you right now after reading this. Haven't we been asking this question for a long time now? I'm suddenly wishing I could say.."I think we need friend time" I miss you and our walks, talks, and sillyness altogether! But, I also think that this is good for both of us in some ways!

Btw, whatever you think is too much for others to handle right now- just remember its never been enough to make me stop being your friend.

Triana said...

Ajey, I am always doing something wrong, while I am always doing something right. The key is in balance, which I have a skewed sense of.

Kaleidescope, I feel like a stranger in my own body and mind. Everyday is a reawakening.

Tracy, I normally try to think my opinions through, at least for a minimal amount of time prior to releasing the flood gates. Not always though ;)

Lovely Wings, we have of course talked already, many times. Though still not nearly as much as we used to, and yes I dearly miss that as well. We are both starting such different chapters than our lives have been used to, and thrusting a few hundred miles between us is only another change in chapters. Much love forever dear friend.