Sunday, April 13, 2008

above all else, TRUTH

Written Saturday, March 8, 2008.

"The mind can be selfish and unforgiving and thoughts have no threshold for sensitivity. Thoughts are immmature, and a mature thought is merely an afterthought. Subconscious thoughts are even more devastating. The subconscious, the father of the conspiracy, can warp imaginations and twist a normal human being into a cynical sociopath." ~Rajen Persaud

So here I am. Honest and Open. Unappreciated for the pure simple honesty that everyone thinks they want, but in reality cannot handle. The cynical sociopaths.

Greedy little bastards. You want and want and want. Take all that is offered and still expect more. Evil angels, expecting everything, wanting it ALL but not seeing what is there.

Using the excuses that I've heard so many times. Just now realizing how selfish you've been.

I've told you that I was selfish. I don't deny who I truly am inside. You told me to throw away my mirror.

I've told you intimate details. Everything there is to know. You told me I was wrong. Because you only saw what you wanted. The potential. Not the reality.

Have you had enough?

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