Thursday, April 24, 2008

innebriation takes hold

Ah, yes, I'm back. The old "buzzing" me that used to fill out late night myspace bulletin/questionaires because life has my brain tpo scrambled to sleep so I put on a quick buzz. And ramble.

I'm a true light weight though. I'm stumbling fuzzy after 3 bud lights. That should tell you something. No shots. No hard liquor. Just an hour and half with 3 beers. $4.50 has me toasty warm and ready to ramble my heart out. (It's $1.50 beer night at Brass Rail - which i didn't know until I got there because I've never been there.)

In the five whole minutes that it took me to get home, I thought about words that I've heard ppl use to describe me lately. I'm really taking a good hard look at myself because the person I see is so obviously NOT the person everyone else sees. That really makes me think. HARD.

Stubborn. Strong willed. Loud. Other words that I cannot put here. Hmmm, maybe its true. I am all of these things. But I didn't used to be, so when did it change? How did I become who I am now? At least that much I can answer, but it doesn't need to be answered because anyone who knows me knows full well that answer.

I'm not going back though. So if you don't like me now, you either need to change your opinion or change our friendship status, because here I am people. Simple & complicated rolled into one lil neat & messy ME.

Undefinable. Unforgetable. And if there were such a word, un-understandable.

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