Friday, November 20, 2009

saying goodbye

Stress; let me tell you this. I walked 45 minutes - yeah, in my walking cast, yell at me later - from the bar after 1 1/2 pitchers, one crown & sprite and one shot of something unknown for the birthday boy (I don't recall his name).

I heard the name Wayne fifty fucking times - totally unrelated. Then he started texting me and well, it could have stayed unrelated.It's all bs anyway.

As always, I had a crowd around me, being the "hott new girl". I don't buy it. Maybe it's the effect of the alcohol on all those old men. I left shortly after a bar fight started because one of the late comers thought it would be a smart idea to fake whisper into my ear and try to kiss me. Of course I dodged it, being the master at dodging drunk kisses. Birthday boy saw the kiss attempt and it was on like donkey kong in a matter of seconds.

I walked home, thru many puddles, dark roads, and strangers lurking. I still made it. Why? Because life doesn't fuck with you when you want it to. I'm walkin down the middle of the street at 1am in the middle of November in Fort Wayne, Indiana, on the south fuckn side and guess what?! I'll still be here tomorrow. That's my luck.

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UPIC said...

when one door closes, another one opens. Your strength is such an inspiration.

findingmywingsinlife said...

I'm suddenly wishing I could have been more like a superhuman and less like average me right now. If I had taken the time this week to pay more attention to the blog world instead of focusing on the Memphis class or going out w/ some newfound friends, I would have caught this and I would have drove my ass all the way back to Indiana....

Brosreview said...

Umm-hmm, well, nice to know you dodged that kiss (a cheap attempt) and walked ahead. Although walking alone, you walked with your dignity and self-respect. So, cheer up! That matters the most!