Wednesday, December 30, 2009


* Wait, Miss-I-Don’t-Fall-For-Guys is hooked up on someone? How did this happen??!!

* I don’t have any idea. If I knew how, I’d surely undo it.

* What makes him so different than any other guy out there?

* I DON’T KNOW. I don’t understand it at all. That’s an unanswerable question. That’s like asking what makes me so different from any other woman out there. Why are you always so stuck on me?

* When you looked at me and said “Where you happen to live right now does not define who you are” I knew right then you were different from other girls. You didn’t do a u-turn to drop me back off at the shelter. And then seeing you in that black fur coat with your blonde hair all curled up … yeah that really did it for me.

* Ok smarty, that’s enough.

* So, this guy, he’s just like an average Joe?

* No. He’s a spectacular loser. Why else would I have fallen?


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Brosreview said...

"Exasperation" indeed!

Triana said...

Tracie & Ajey ~ story of my life ... exasperation indeed.