Saturday, December 26, 2009


Nights of solitude interrupt the thoughts of you
A body lying next to mine
Warmth spreading fire but cannot touch my soul
A death occured, unnoticed
A time long gone leads to something more
Not seeking comfort in tranquility
A moments peace walks out thru the door
Leaving me alone
Thoughts cascading through this heart of mine
Replacing him for you

A moments hesitation left behind and cast aside
Two entities now one combined
Night's rough passion then ignites the flame
Burning me alive
The flirting of my heart's desire left unchecked
Lying rugged on the floor
But do you see or do you care now
The bitter pieces thrown about
Daylight comes and I am gone again
Replacing you for him


Alex said...


Anonymous said...

i agree with alex.. very deep.

Brosreview said...

The title gained more strength after I read your lines. Emotions freely expressed here. Still, I feel this hint of restrain in some places. Am I right in writing this is straight from the heart?

Nevertheless, well done! Keep them coming!!!

Triana said...

Alex ~ Very much so. Heart-wrenchingly deep.

Tracie ~ I wrote this less than two hours after the "activities" that created these emotions.

Brosreview ~ There is very little restraint in the words; there is much restraint in my actions. Correct - straight from the heart, at the time of the source.

Thank you!