Saturday, December 12, 2009

almost ordinary

Why do you always try to kiss me?
Because you never try to kiss me.
Don't you think that indicates something? Why do you keep trying?
Because I'm attracted to you.
Do you go around trying to kiss every woman your attracted to? And you've had first hand experience at seeing how messed up I am. Stop trying.
Some of the best pieces of art that I've seen are just random messes thrown together. The beauty lies in the flaws, characteristics, and uniqueness of each piece. Beauty is not perfection.
I don't want to be beautiful. Or perfect. I simply want to be ... not a wreck.


Brosreview said...

"Beauty is not perfection" - love that line!

I recall telling my Annie that "excellence does not require perfection".

The title is nice. Tempts me to write a song!

Triana said...

So tell me Ajey, did you write a song inspired by this piece??