Sunday, July 12, 2009

kayaking adventure

My phone went off this morning, April wants to go hiking at Chain-O-Lakes State Park. We've talked about it forever, and I grew up on the backside of the park, but we have never been there together to take advantage of the leisurely activities.

Our conversations kill me. On the way there she's talking about her mother, "Even when she was normal, she was crazy."


Next subject during our drive ....

~April: When u see an old barn standing out in the middle of the field that looks like it's so ready to just fall over, doesn't it make u want to just go push it over?

~Me: YES! I know exactly what you mean! Those old barns look so weak, like the slightest breath will cause them to crash ... Yet in reality they are just sturdy enough to stand; sturdier than they look actually.

~April: That's kindv like you, you may look weak but you're sturdy enough to stand. You have more strength than what may appear.

~Me: So I'm like an old barn in a field? Humpf.


And still to come: "I don't usually do blonde haired boys. Oh wait, I do don't I?"

~You would really be surprised at which one of us this actually came from.


We find a suitable parking spot, only I hear, "you mean we have to walk all the way down there? (100 ft)

~ we came here to hike honey


After nearly an hour and half of kayaking, "I'm just so happy! If it were your birthday, I'd tell you happy birthday!"

Wow. That's left field.


Final note: I think I was attacked by a bug. April was taking a picture of the trail and that crazy picture was the result.

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Spaghetti Fields said...

I know who made the blond hair comment. Don't worry I won't tell. :)