Friday, July 3, 2009

smells like....

From previous posts, I've mentioned that my cell phone has issues. As does everything in my life. Specifically, my blackberry goes schitzo and wipes my text message log, my phone log, and glitches any incoming text messages into oblivion. One time it reused to read my meida card .... except for 2 songs. How it decided that those two songs were worthy of being playable but deemed the rest of my playist as unacceptable truly escapes all logic.

What did the all-knowing blackberry choose for me? YMCA & Every Breathe You Take ... Police anyone?


I'm in the car today with all 4 kids, my 10-yr-old daughter in the front seat. She's puzzled by the tape deck in my radio. Damn that makes me feel old.

Worse though, she's cruising the stations for acceptable tunes, gets excited and sings along to the song she has stopped on ... the lyrics: "shush girl, shush your lips, do the Hellen Keller and talk with your hips." Not impressive. I'm a bit puzzled which is worse, that some jack made it to the radio with those lyrics or that my TEN-YEAR-OLD knows them.

Redeption comes a few minutes later as we're driving through Amish country and pass a massive cattle farm. She's tired and fidgeting with her fingers rubbing her eyes as she freezes with a horrid look on her face for a split second, only to exclaim, "oh my gosh Mom, for a minute I thought my fingers smelled like shit."

Now tell me that doesn't sound like me.


Spaghetti Fields said...

Your phone hasn't called me in a while. I guess it doesn't like me anymore??

Oh and I don't let my 10 y/o say shit. I think if he did his face would be as red as his hair.

Triana said...

My phone doesn't like ME anymore, thus it doesn't work a fair amount of the time, which could explain why it hasn't called you lately.

I most certainly do not "let" my 10 y/o say 'shit'. However we all know that unfortunately us wonderful mothers are not the only major influence in our childrens' lives. Case in point, last night at the fire works in Columbia City, April's 3 y/o said "what the fuck was that?" right after the first loud firework boomed. I can doubley assure you that child in no way EVER heard that expression nor word come from his mother's mouth. Ever.

I simply ended the story there w/o going into detail that I had a nice long talk with my daughter about appropriate language for a child, no matter what she hears from adults. And yeah, she's had a red face a time or two in her life, not to mention a soapy tongue.

findingmywingsinlife said...

correction here, D is 4 years old (not 3) and I had a long conversation with his dad this morning about what is appropriate language to be using in the presence of his kids.