Wednesday, October 29, 2008

ooops, politics 9-28-08

who? what? when?

My own little careless rant on politics:

In case you haven’t noticed, I’m anti-social on all political talks. I could give a rats ass about what the current hot topic political discussion is.

I’m all for Capital Punishment, sterilization as a punishment & pro-choice on abortions.

I despise seat belt laws for anyone over age 18. You can send me to stand in front of a bullet in a foreign country to line your own pockets, but I have to strap myself into my own car?? Helmets are just as useless in my opinion & no one should be able to tell me that I have to wear it.

If you smoke pot, oh well. You can kill yourself with cigarettes, why not live a doped up life? I don’t do it, but it’s your choice. Personally, I’d rather waste my money on food. I love my taste buds.

I think welfare moms & dads should have to pass drug tests before getting government (MY) money. I have no issues helping them in time of need. But fuck you if your time of need is because you drink too much, smoke too much, or have some other worthless addiction. Like I said, as long as it doesn’t affect me, I don’t care what you do w/your life. But when hard working Americans are buying you & your children food because you want to spend your itty bitty paycheck on beer, cigs, & vicodins – fuck that.

I also can’t stand government subsidized households where the women have acrylic nails, a perfect golden tan, and order pizza three times a week cuz the lazy bitch just got her nails done & doesn’t want to cook. Or has to drive three blocks to buy cigarettes. WALK. And quite fucking smoking if you can’t pay your bills!! What is that?

Past those few items, I could give a shit less what the government talks about or does. To be that big of a fish, you have to swallow some nasty hooks & live thru it. That hardens a person. Stiffens their souls. Builds calluses. No one is perfect. Large amounts of Americans vote these people into office, so somewhere along the way that individual did SOMETHING right or good. Sure, there will be fuck ups. That’s what happens. It’s the system WE built. Sit back & bitch about it because that will surely change the present events. Hot damn people, get a grip.

I don’t vote. I don’t bitch about who’s in office, whine about what a horrible shape the economy is in, or jump on a soap box and confess that the answer to every political failing is so very easy to see … blah blah blah.

Don’t ask me to register to vote. I’m not dodging jury duty. Or drafts. Or what-the-fuck-ever. I don’t register because I realize & accept myself as a non-informed individual. I trust the educated to choose the closest fitting individual for whatever office is open.

My oldest brother asked me today if I was going to vote and, more importantly in his view, WHO I’m voting for. I told him I’m not registered & haven’t ever voted. IT’S MY RIGHT TO MAKE THAT DECISION – NOT TO VOTE. He said he votes Republican. I had to ask him which candidate is Republican. Seriously.

Hello, My name is Triana & I live in America, where we have the CHOICE to vote. Or not to vote, for that matter.

I loathe the campaigns that stuff their views down my throat. Like me humbly saying, “no thanks, I’m not interested” is really a desperate cry for “I’m ignorant & retard; please save me by talking to me like I just crawled out of a box & don’t know how to wipe my own ass & I will surely succumb to sipping peas through a straw for the rest of my life if you don’t convince me that the other person running in this race is really the DEVIL.”

Whatever. I’d rather choke on something else please. Or just plain breathe for that matter. Shove your crap down someone else’s throat. It’s all bullshit anyway & I’ve kind of had my fill of the taste of shit in my mouth.


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findingmywingsinlife said...

I have died laughing over here, seriously... even had to read an excerpt to Carl it was so damn funny!