Sunday, December 14, 2008

scooby snacks

I'm fully aware that my title is not in the least bit indicative of what I'm going to post 2day. That's me though. Random. The things in my head rarely make sense.


Kurt: I need to stop texting while I'm driving. It's dangerous.

Me: Yeah, I know what u mean. I try to stick to phone conversations on my ear piece & not texting, etc.

Kurt *in his BIG BOY serious tone*: Don't ever talk on ur phn while driving. It's a proven study that talking on ur phn is too much of a distraction.

Me: ... (didn't u just say that u TEXT while driving too) ... Actually, Kurt, I don't think that talking on my phone is any more distracting than, oh say, kids screaming in the back seat, carrying on a conversation w/someone in the front seat, tuning a radio, eating fast food, reading billboards or daydreaming. (All of which, I am guilty of - including and not limited to, putting on make-up.)

Kurt: No, I read an article about talking on ur cell phn while driving. Then I started watching & noticed that every "idiot" driver in front of me was on a cell phn. People would be good drivers if it weren't for cell phones.

Me: So the "study" u just mentioned wasn't really a scientific study then?

Kurt: Well yes, I conducted a scientific study. I watched people driving.

Me: And your discovery would then mean that there were no bad drivers or car accidents before cell phones?

Kurt: Well there weren't nearly as many.

Me: Are you aware that ANYone can write an article about ANYthing? I mean just look at how many articles state that Bigfoot is real or that Elvis is alive?

Kurt: Elvis is alive.

Me: End of discussion. I give up.


The kids are making Christmas cards tonight. My daughter, 9, accidentally wrote: To Aunt Sew (on Aunt Sue's card, not knowing how to spell "Sue"). Aunt Sue happens to be a quilter by trade. The card now reads: To Aunt Sewing Sue. Creativity at its best (or worst).


HA! I was being a "forward thinker" earlier - my kids just went to the kitchen for evening snacks & came back with fruit snack ... Scooby Doo fruit snacks ... thus Scooby snack! It DOES make sense; I win!

Don't u love ripping open the package of fruit snacks & looking for the blue one? U know, the fruit snack that's different from the rest of the fruit snacks? Some packages have one & some don't. It's like finding the golden ticket! (Maybe the "fruit" part of the snack went to my head.)

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