Sunday, December 14, 2008


Hi ... my name is Triana.

*Hi Triana*

I, am a crackberry addict.


If I don't have my crackberry in my hand at all times, my thumbs start twitching & I will immediately fall into an abnormal state of panic which could end in convulsions and head trama.


My friends have alienated me & my family doesn't understand. Only my crackberry buddies are there for me. Iv been known to waste whole days away because of my crackberry. I don't have to think when I'm on my crackberry - its so numbing.


My crackberry addiction affects my driving & my work performance ... and I spend too much money on it! *sits back down*


kelly said...

haha. thank you for sharing, triana.

Snowbrush said...

What, though, IS a crackberry? Maybe I too would like to become addicted.