Monday, September 21, 2009

l8er sk8er

New adventures!! Pay close attention to the split to the right, down under the bridge ... it became my demise.
April going Pro already. Natural skills. I'm simply a natural disaster **but a fun one at least**

April & I go for an extended walk nearly every night, almost always strolling by the Lawton Skate Park; the grace and excitement of the skaters enticing & beckoning to the both of us. Yesterday, on a whim, we bought our own boards & eagerly hit the River Greenway to give 'em a spin. I wore flip-flops, not exactly conducive to skateboarding, thus I ditched 'em on a nearby picnic table and skate barefoot. I'm cool like that. Maybe crazy like that instead?

Eventually we attempted the bigger hill as the slight incline & straight-away because progressively easier to manuever. My bum didn't like that idea ... and still doesn't. No major catastrophic events, merely bruising, stiffness, and a whole lotta fun!

We even managed to hula hoop afterward, not while on the skateboards of course. Maybe later in the week....

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