Friday, September 25, 2009

p.b. and ... pinto beans?

My crazy mind has been concocting wild peanut butter creations. One day I’m going to create a line of peanut butter items, including:
pop tarts
coffee creamer
breakfast pizza (just picture it: pb & honey, pb & banana, pb & marshmallow, and the infamous pb&j)
chewing gum
hot chocolate flavor
dipping sauce (for chicken, pretzels, crackers)

This morning got off to a slow start for me. I needed to pep it up with some caffeine but I don’t drink pop (because of the taste more so than the health ramifications). Coffee doesn’t rank on my list of favorite drinks and I haven’t found a creamer that really changes my perspective yet. I have a jar of honey flavored creamy peanut butter in my desk drawer (for inspirational purposes) and a few Hershey Kisses. A spoonful of peanut butter & a Hershey Kiss changes coffee from BLECH into YUMMY!

While I’m on the food kick, some ideas for ranch dressing aficionados:
Scrambled eggs
Mexican rice

**This extreme craziness may be the effect of the giant carry-in that has been set up right across the tiny little 6-foot make-shift wall directly behind me. I can smell everything.**

When Diane came to get me for break this morning, she stopped to sniff the aroma; “Smells like McDonald’s ketchup.” All I smell is chili & nachos. McDonald's ketchup? Really?

Yesterday, in my 10th hour of work, I hung up the phone disgusted with the goofy UHC representative that I had just spoken with and loudly exclaimed “Cheese & Rice!” in exasperation. My supervisor replied, “Pinto Beans?” from around the corner.
“You said Cheese & Rice, but I don’t know why, so I replied Pinto Beans.”
“Uh, Cheese & Rice is my replacement phrase for the J.C. phrase, get it?”
“Ooooooh! How about Mac & Cheese instead?”
“….. You don’t get it.”

I maintain that it is the work environment – there’s something in the air here that breeds dysfunctional brain cell activity.