Monday, February 1, 2010

ending the release

I cannot close my eyes at night. I see you in every dream. I want your touch surounding me, but I cannot take this trade. Each scream grows mute inside my chest, silenced by your grasp. The inner me takes over then, reclaiming control once more. The scarce breath I manage to inhale intoxicates my soul. I've come alive against my will.

You do this everytime.

A cold silent tear falls helplessly across my heated face. One swift motion of your lips brushes fear away. My body aches to be held captive. Forgetting that tomorrow I will awake to nothing but that hollow state of loneliness. Strong arms hold me down, or keep me from destruction. My inner battle wanes from retreat to desire. Overcome by the moment, I grasp to pull you closer. Lost inside this fantasy I cannot come to terms.

When spent and weak, my body loosens grip. Quiet release inside myself, the walls regain their shape. Destruction comes so swifly when you show your beautiful face. I have found the answer though hiding deep within. One hand opens gently, and your magic fades away.

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Gavin said...

I can relate very well to this. But now instead of it being a present thing, it's slowly becoming part of the past.

Triana said...

Gavin ~ This post is completely about the past. I have given in ONCE in nearly two years.
PS. We are not on the same page with the release, but I understand that the emotions relate.

Brosreview said...

There is a lot of pain here. But, there is energy too. I am imagining this with some mesmerizing SFX. Makes for a beautiful song! A good write! A great feel!