Sunday, February 21, 2010


Come chase me from your dream. Wrap my vulnerability up in your pretty little package with the frilly pink bow. Send it off on the overnight express, leaving the return address blank. Wake me up from my nightmares with your kiss as sweet as poison. The hard cold steel of reality pressed tightly to my temple. Your finger jumps on the trigger, anxious for release. Being in love with you came so easily, like inhaling night's soft scents. Allowing hope to linger on. Dragging inevitability to new heights. Innocence could not exist in your overwhelming presence. Petite fairies dancing harmlessly above tall grass as I try to crawl away with dignity. Rescued by the harsh light of day when thoughts of you seemingly cease to exist. Found again each evening as I lay defeated on the ground. Come rescue me. My dreams or yours, either will find my fate.

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Location:Owensboro, KY


JenniAsh said...

Keep posting.

Escapist said...

Hm...thats impressive...


Brosreview said...

Hmm, trying to be awake to something that is temporary and fake is deeply sad. But, I am sure you'll get over this. I hope and believe you are no longer vulnerable, and if you are, I hope you fall into true love this time.