Tuesday, October 6, 2009

cause of my demise

It's pretty safe to say that I don't always put the greatest (or any) amount of thought into the actions I take. Just like the movie Yes Man, I don't say no to many things. If I don't have a good solid reason to say no, then I'll do whatever pops to mind. Obviously, my version of a good solid reason differs greatly from a large portion of the world. Hence you have a picture of me skateboarding barefoot.

On a whim a few weekends ago, April & I purchased skateboards & set out to give it our best shot. Night one left me bruised and sore, but still rearing for action. The end of week one found me in the ER wondering if my foot was broken. I did learn my lesson from the first night - skateboarding barefoot quickly leads to road rash on the underside of the foot. OUCH.

Equipped with tennis shoes on the next outing, no major injuries occurred, but the muscles in my feet were screaming at me to find another alternative to the sneakers. Something just wasn't cutting it. Fooling around in the street in front of my house, I ran inside to change into the only pair of flats that I could think of ... the brown sparklies.

I really can't answer if it were the shoes or just my natural klutziness, but I've been sporting the Frodo Baggins / Quasimodo look to my right foot for just over a week now. I'm not so fond of it myself.

I can't walk, jog, bike ride, or any activity that normally de-stresses me. I'm about to explode!! Crutches ... Not my thing. Between dislocating my shoulders & bruising the palms of my hands, I'd prefer not to even venture off to relieve myself. Gah! Torturous metal sticks!

Last Saturday I spent the day relaxing with my kids, which we usually do at a park or two. We opted for the local library where I gimped around perusing the shelves and slouching in a chair to read for most of the afternoon.

The "highlight" of the day was being drafted into a Rock Band contest ... as a vocalist. My teammates were all under the age of 10. The worst part was the pip squeak behind me who had the guts the blurt, "man, their singer sucks" right in the middle of my rendition of Paramore's "That's What You Get". Big Paramore fan here; don't like that song. I shot him the evil look & determinedly stepped up my game. We scored 3rd place but I didn't stick around for the rewards.

The good news of the week:
* I can now walk around without crutches - for short spurts - at an unbelievably s..l...o.....w pace. I'm getting there.

* I've moved out of the Addam's family residence. My stress level dropped so drastically I think I may be have gone into mental shock.

That's pretty much the only good news I can muster up right now for the week, but it's only Tuesday!


Anonymous said...

glad you're on the mend! and happy to hear your stress level is subsiding. :)
have a wonderful day!

Spaghetti Fields said...

I love that movie!