Sunday, October 18, 2009

mind changing

I'm in love with you, don't get me wrong. The issue is, I haven't found you. You exist in my head. There have been times that I thought I found you. Laying by your side, your arms wrapped in mine, I thought for a moment it could be you. Watching your smile from across the table as butterflies turned my stomach into a whirlwind of emotion; feeling your eyes on me as I walk across the street to you; letting my senses take you in as we walk side by side so many times... each moment thinking it could be you. Convinced. Wanting.

Wanting too much? Wanting more than was there, obviously, yet I did not see.

Gulping down emotion. Waiting breathlessly. Afraid to make the wrong move. Every move was wrong. I was incorrect from the start. As I have always been.

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