Thursday, October 1, 2009

update on misfortune

The crutches are killing me, and apparently I've grown 2 inches since my Sophomore year of high school. I told the nurse I'm 5'6", as I have been telling everyone for the last 12 years, but my crutches indicate otherwise. For three days I hobbled with them set at 5'6" before finally giving in to adjust them an inch -- moved the setting to 5'7". That wasn't exactly comfortable either; the next day I bumped 'em up one more to 5'8" and PRESTO! Comfort zone.

Bruising has travelled throughout my foot & lower leg which I find amazing because I didn't hit anything. I didn't crash. I just stepped backwards and downwards ... POOF ... I crumbled into a lil heap wondering what in the (H E double hockey sticks) just cracked and WHY.

The swelling has relenquished a tiny bit this morning. Maybe recovery is on it's way??


Spaghetti Fields said...

you're poor foot just makes mine hurt. Once my mom tripped in the hall and her foot was awful and turned out it was broke. She had to wear a boot for like 8 weeks. I hope you heal sooner.

Triana said...

This is such a late reply ... but at that point in time I had broken my third metatarsal, slightly fractured by Tibia, down at the very tip, and torn several tendons. They are better now. My foot, on the other hand is not. I've now been in a boot for going on 5 months. I WANT OUT! I have at least 2 more months to go.