Saturday, October 31, 2009

words to say

Your words come few and far between. The silence remaining deafens my ears. Where are you? Hiding? I don't enjoy your game. I'm not here at your pleasure. Endlessly waiting. 

Today becomes tomorrow, and from tomorrow into yesterday. Silence creeps in again, broken only by the slightest "hey". Dreamily I pretend that today you have made a new choice. Eventually resigning with a heavy hearted sigh, relinquishing myself to the moment of truth. I am nothing. Forever will be. 

Your voice naught but a whisper in my ears from months gone past. Your eyes captured in the flash of light where I gaze relentlessly, imaging half heartedly that the surreptious stare meant only for me. 

These things aren't meant to be. A tear, into the night, then gone.     

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