Saturday, October 31, 2009

nobody's reality

Life makes a waste of itself. Hanging precariously onto nothing. Tragedy, bad decisions, regret curled into every action. A moment of elation crushed under the weight of reality.  Nothing more. Endlessly. 

All I ask, all i've ever asked of ... honesty. No games. No false emotions. No lies. Cut & dried, nothing masked. 

Wash away the sorrow, the wistfullness, surrendering to an aching desire for relief - into mind numbing release. Comfort that brings confusion yet hazardously invites chaos. Here I remain, drowning in reality with glimpses of a false triumph lingering in view. 


Brosreview said...

A sad one. But, this is reality. And, reality is mostly sad.

Honesty is a hard thing to abide by. Don't drown in reality, instead climb the stairs of rationality, that triumph shall no longer be false then. And, it sure will not be just lingering but shining.

Triana said...

I love that response Ajey! Beautiful!!