Saturday, January 17, 2009

anger & outrage

I've been a lil disgusted w/blogger lately. Not only because of the fact that most of the "blogs of note" are dry & humorless (that may be because I'm looking for a deeper, or different, passion than what gets posted as "note-worthy"), but also because of the clamor of readers who post comments solely to get noticed. The soul-less bastards who simply post "come read my blog @" in the comment section of a PERFECTLY wonderful blog. Or "hey, how are u doing?" as a comment, on 40 different pages. Send me a fucking email for that shit.

Don't post yourself as a follower of a popular blog in a vain attempt to have a few wandering clicks. Follow those bloggers who are truly writing what you enjoy reading. Mainstreaming SUCKS ASS.

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