Friday, January 9, 2009

what now?

Monday morning as I settled into my desk at work, ready to start the day, I grabbed for my MP3 player and stuck the wrong piece into my ear. Yes, I tried to PLUG it into my ear instead of putting my headphones in my ear.

About 15 minutes later, I glanced down at something and my gazed settled on my lap... my dress slacks, specifically. Which I had thought were black. Nope! I had on a pretty blk/wht blouse, black dress shoes, and .... navy blue pants. Nice. I looked awesome, let me tell u. Try-outs for the circus today?

What else u ask? I typed numbers onto the keyboard when I meant to enter the patient's account # on the phone for the automated insurance system I'm calling.

I once spent 5 minutes staring at my computer screen waiting for Medical Records Imaging to load the page I was trying to view, only to realize it was loaded. Someone scanned a blank page. Just to trick me!

A woman on a phone call told me she couldn't hear me very well, so I turned my head to get closer to the speaker on my headset ... which is on my HEAD... therefore moves when I move my head. I felt like a dog chasing my own damn tail.

I keep my MP3 player on one ear (when I finally figured out that I hear thru the ear piece & not the plug!) while I have my hands free headset on the other ear. When I'm on hold I flip my MP3 player back on to listen to music. Once I heard a song playing & thought, "Was I tripping* when I put that song on my play list? Where did I even get that from?? Ewwww!" I grabbed the MP3 player, hmmm, that's def NOT what it says its playing.... I pushed the stop button. HOLY SHIT it won't stop! My MP3 player is possessed! So I ripped the ear piece outta my ear. Uh oh, serious issues! I STILL hear the crappy song! *Triana comes back to reality*

It's the hold music playing in my other ear. It's these moments that I'm truly thankful no one is paying attention to me & I can be a moron in my own lil disconnected world.

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findingmywingsinlife said...

An ordinary day for you :) Now if things start seeming too normal...let me know we'll see if we can fix that.