Saturday, January 17, 2009

hands of partnership

Hands of Partnership, the TV show is out!!!

Recap: my closest best friend, and now finally "business partner" (we've had sooo many plans throughout the years, one has FINALLY taken flight!) are co-producing & co-hosting a monthly TV program titled Habitat Hands of Partnership. They are being aired on Cable channels 55 &57 which are both specifically Public Access Channels. There are 80,000+ cable subscribers in the area; therefore 80,000+ potential viewers!!! Holy SCHMIT!

We have filmed 2 episodes to date, the first one aired the first week of Jan. I didn't get to see it as it aired, or advertise it, due to a slight lack of communication in our new partnership. We have not received air date info on episode 2 as of yet.

The first episode is simply titled "Habitat Hands of Partnership: Introduction" & aptly named such as it is merely a run down of the basic facts on Habitat; history, goals, procedures, road blocks, volunteers, participants, donations, etc. I picked up our producer copy this week & let me just say, I'd like to strike that episode from ever being seen on ANY tv screen. ForEVER.

Why, you ask??? Well let me fill you about how unprepared I was... Where to begin?... How about the night prior to shooting, Dec 16th, when Shinedown played at Piere's, which I had FREE tickets to. It doesn't help that April & I both love Shinedown! It REALLY didn't help that we stood front row right next to the speakers, or that we stayed late to meet the band. The next night, the night of our shoot, I had big enough bags under my eyes to carry groceries to the orphanages of Sri Lanka. Also, my ears have a constant ringing in them due to probable permanent damage from standing two feet away from the speakers.

I didn't have enough time after work to totally curl my hair, but I foolishly figured I would be sitting facing the camera, so only curling the front & sides of my hair, leaving the back flat, wouldn't show. WRONG! Camera angles catch EVERYthing. I looked RETARDED.

Combined with the fact that I grabbed a Navy pin stripe suite to wear ... that I last wore 4 years ago. It didn't fit. It specifically didn't fit MY BOOBS. I would have just left the jacket open, but the gold under shirt was very transparent. I was wearing a pretty pink & green bra that just didn't do the Habitat image must justice, so I sucked in as much as I could and managed to button ONE measly button stretched across my chest. And then not breathe during the entire show.

Apparently the lack of oxygen affected me very very quickly because my end of the conversation SUCKED. While I did manage to keep from uttering any of the obscenities that are apt to roll off my tongue, I couldn't finish a damn sentence or question to save my flippin life. Thankfully the camera is on April 90% of the time during that episode.

She "performed" wonderfully, by the way. I was the only one with issues. As always.

OH, and I didn't bring the music that we had chosen for opening & closing credits. So I spent roughly 10 minutes searching thru the mp3s on my phone to find a suitable replacement that wouldn't violate copyright laws. Thankfully I have some tracks from local musicians, and a few happened to be from Hubie Ashcraft, who I had already talked to about putting his music on the show. (Check him out on myspace music: Hubie Ashcraft or Still Groove)

Now, round 2, HELLA better! I don't even look like the same person as on the first episode! I won't go into major details on this episode, as it hasn't aired yet :) but I will tell you that we used Trent Boston's song "One & Only" (also find him on myspace music Trent Boston). The song went with the theme of the episode PERFECTLY! I am so thrilled at how it turned out!

Also, we had special guest Mark Pletcher, as a habitat family home owner, describe his experiences through his familiy's habitat journey. This episode was filmed in memory of his wife, Melissa Pletcher.

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Sweet Guy ISO Myself said...

I can't wait to see the spot...and I'm sure you were good. I kind of get the idea that there isn't much you can't accomplish if you put your mind to it.