Tuesday, January 27, 2009


"When I looked at you one wonderful night"....

Song & dance, wow, who knew? Today I nearly expired at work. I popped a piece of hard candy into my mouth while on hold waiting for a client to answer the phone. As I went to swallow the juice off of the candy, the whole piece slid down my throat - and stuck right near my tonsels.

Panic stricken, I knew if I freaked out I would cough endlessly & make a scene. With eyes harshly squinted, I concentrated on relaxing & allowing the candy to slide on down the gullet. Which it did after a few seconds of holding my breathe, eyes watering and face turning red.

Then the spasms erupted & I coughed endlessly; every cubicle around me staring. I couldn't get up to walk to the bathroom; lack of oxygen made me dizzy & my eyes were watering profusely. I couldn't wipe my eyes, I had just lotioned my hands a few minutes before.

I hear from the cubicle behind me, "don't worry Triana, if your dying we'll disinfect your mouth (as she points to the can and hand disinfectant hanging on the wall) and give you CPR." Wow, is it ever reassuring that as I die gasping she will fill my mouth with foam, instead of giving me the heimlick.


I work for a hospital, by the way.

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