Thursday, August 20, 2009

in my footsteps

I took a 2 hour walk downtown today.

Gave my number to the sweet gent that could barely speak English, but did his best to ask to take me out for ice cream.

Laughed and walked away from the player who asked if I was going to meet my boyfriend and could he get my digits so he could be my next boyfriend.

Ignored the guy that walked by staring me down like a piece of meat, even after he said hi.

**Really, there is a lot to be told by a man's eyes and how he looks at you.**

Fought a strong urge to kick off my flip flops and hop a small fence into the lushes tall green grass on the other side, begging to be treaded through barefoot. Also resisted kicking them off to wade into the softly rushing, blue green waters of the fountain I sauntered past.
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1 comment:

Indigo said...

I'm not so sure I would of been able to resist the fountain. (Hugs)Indigo