Monday, August 10, 2009

quote me

Random stuff to make you think ... and hopefully chuckle:

"Trust me, that after market stuff; Its like sleeping with a 12 year old boy with 2 softballs taped to his chest." *Ahem* Can you guess what this refers to?

Sometimes nobody's right, sometimes nobody's wrong. Song lyrics from Buck 69.
*edit* While searching for a link inform my readers of the awesomness of Buck 69, whom I've seen perform in both Fort Wayne, IN & Toledo, OH, I found THIS youtube which happens to be from the Toledo, Smoke on the Water event that I attended (I'm sitting right directly in front of the stage, but I can't tell if you can see me when the video sweeps). The video made me chuckle. The quality isn't great, but the little boy in the end cracked me up. And it's even the song that the lyric came from!

I Get Off by Halestorm is playing on the radio, My 10 year old asks if it's Taylor Swift singing. Oh honey, please grow up with better taste in music :) Follow the links for the REAL effect of this humor.

April logic, not Triana logic. This I cannot explain, but if you follow wing seeker then you know, this statement is FUNNY. Or not. April & I think it's funny & that's what counts! HA ha ha!

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