Sunday, August 2, 2009

millions of peaches

It's been a blast this weekend so here's an update.... but first things first, I'd like to say hello to my new friend in Warsaw. Hello you! Yes, you! I have front row seating reserved just for haters, but most don't stay haters long when you realize it's not me; he's shady. Just accept it already!

Oh my where to begin... Friday I went out solo as April's family duty's kept her tied up. My other invite didn't answer my invite. Twice. So I assumed he couldn't handle it.

I've been on kid patrol for the past two weekends, thus my break out night looked like it could've been out of control as there was nothing holding me back.
sexy black heels ... check
black lacy thigh highs ... check
light denim mini skirt ... check
white button up blouse, mostly unbuttoned ... check
curly Monroe hair-do ... check
smokey eyeshadow that made my BLUES burst ... check

I hit up Club NV first for Sirface, Teays Vein opening up for Flaw & Future Leaders of the World. As always, I was front row, standing out in front of everyone until enough people got the courage to walk out onto the dance floor as well. Standing in front of the stage to let the music take me over, control my body, erase my mind, move me in ways that nothing else can.

Afterwards I cruised across town to Shangri-La West to support my ever lovely friend Bree Olsen (for full adult content use THIS link at your own risk). Kicked it at the club until just after 2am before saying my goodbyes and steering home. Sorry, there was no exciting conversation ... I flew solo all night & was completely sober, having only one beer to quench my thirst at Shang after the night of singing along at Club NV. I did chuckle at the schmucks who paid $40 a pop to take pics with Bree on their cell phones; but I guess I only chuckle because I'm at her house so often & have so many silly pics already. All in all, it was a decent night as I ran into many friends & long-time-no-see's and there was no drama in my world.

Saturday I left Fort Wayne on the back of a motorcycle heading to Toledo, OH for the Smoke on the Water Festival to be entertained by Buck 69 & THE PRESIDENTS OF THE UNITED STATES, oh I love them! The absolute bestest bestest ever live show!! Old school Peaches, Kitty, Lump ... the new album is just as kicking & I cannot wait to get my paws on it :)


Kurt has a theory on what he calls my 72 hour issue (he claims he never sees me with the same guy longer than 72 hours, and sadly he's completely correct!) I lamented to him that guys ALWAYS tell me they're not ready for a relationship and yet within days of telling me that, they miraculousy have a relationship ... with someone else. Uh, I'm too intimidating. Why does it always come back to that? He's working on a plan for me. Together, we can conquor the world. I can't wait!
Until then, watch out!
I'm still on the loose.

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BloggerMouth said...

72 hours? And I thought I was fast. Lasts about a week for me =) I hope you find someone who lasts longer!