Saturday, August 22, 2009

not what they see

This picture really has nothing to do with the intentions of my post today, but it's one of my favorites. I took it myself, of me. It's a bit on the edgy side, but that's what intrigues me.

I want to look at a picture one day, or in the mirror even, and see what someone else sees. What anyone else sees, instead of the distorted perception.


The randomness that hit my plenty of fish mailbox today:

#1. "Fine.
Be that way."

I read & deleted his original message without responding. I checked his profile, wasn't interested, and his original message was simply, "Hi, I'm ***, care to chat?" Nope. I sure didn't. He must've checked his sent messages to find that I had read & deleted the messages because within a few hours I received the "Fine. Be that way." Hello, isn't it my right?? If I don't want to chat, because there is nothing that catches my eye, then why would anyone get upset over a lack of response? Just take it as a sign that I wasn't worth your original message & therefore I saved you the trouble of going through a few email correspondences to figure that out. My response, cuz I just couldn't let THAT go....
If I didn't respond, then you should just consider it as I wasn't worth your time anyway. Life has bigger issues than who doesn't respond to an email, right? There's no reason for you to send me a message about not responding. Life goes on. I have a profile on here because I like to meet new people from time to time. Now just isn't one of those times. I have lots of guys interested in me everyday, online & in real life. As conceited as it may sound, there's no possible way for me to converse with every
person that shows an interest in me. I'm not stuck on myself by any means, but for some reason I attract a lot of people, guys & girls. Not sure why. Just like you don't understand why I don't respond to everyone who may show interest, I don't understand why one person here & there gets so upset because I don't respond. Is it really that deep that I don't respond? Doesn't that put me on a pedestal that I don't belong on? My response is not that important.
He must've gotten the point because I received "Yea ur rite".

#2. "NICE ...
I rated your photo a VERY SOLID 10
Yes my age is correct. I believe in honesty. Don't let the age fool you though. I don't mean to be crude, rude or whatever, but just want you to know I am still active (or was) without the help of any pills.
You will never know the advantage and how good an older man is until you try ME.
Yours, *****

Well... his age issue, he's 75. SEVENTY-FIVE. Yeah, I don't have any age issues, but a 75 year old man just offered to pleasure me. THAT I have an issue with. I could be his great-grand-child!
Also, his profile lists that he's looking for women in the age range 60-90. Last I checked, nope, not there yet!
Until I try him? Is he trying to write a commercial? Hello. He must have retired from a sales position of some sort, because he definitely wrote the lines to sell ... something ... I'm just not in the buying mood.

#3. "hey sexi girl wanna talk or hangout holla at me 1 *** 586 9447 and we can see where it takes us beautiful. *********"
His screen name is something along the lines of 'Ridendirty' and he sent me a rose along with the email. His profile wasn't too bad, until his interest randomly came around to -
hangout with friends and sniff my beagle lol i'm always down with family activities or going out to have fun i like to travel i own my house and my car and maybe i can love you too love ya bye. i would take her to a nice restaurant to eat then maybe a movie or a night club depends what she likes all know what she likes when i meet her lol or maybe just take her to my house and watch something on my big screen there's always fun happening with me never know then take her home and give her a big bear hug and tell her i had a great time and go home and call her the next day.
Excuse me? Did I read that correctly?? SNIFF MY BEAGLE? Love ya bye? Bear hug? It gets even MORE exciting when I realize he has one 'normal' profile picture, but his second
picture is with RONALD MCDONALD. For real.
I'm thinking he sniffed way too much sharpie while snacking on Elmer's in Kindergarten. Instead of the Easy Button, I need a HELLO button, complete with sarcasm & some sort of eye roll.

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