Thursday, January 28, 2010

lighter weight

I had a really nice post going, way more up-beat and softer than usual, but I left this application (oh the perks of an iPhone!) to reply to an interesting comment dialog, thinking that my draft had been saved and would be right here when I came back. Alas, it was not so. Instead I give you this:

Say hello to Mr Giant Assed Snowman! I couldn't help it. I made April stop the vehicle for some good ole snowman violating. As you can see, this was obviously taken when I could WALK -- about three weekends ago.

Three? Hmm, let's recount, I lose track oftime so quickly these days. Last weekend I was laid up from surgery. Weekend prior to that I was wasted at Halestorm show. Then the weekend previous to that ... YES, that was it! Teays Vein on Thursday, Good Night Gracie on Friday, and Sirface on Saturday. That's what I call a gooo-oood weekend.

April and I ran around Goshen and Elkhart carelessly that Saturday. Literally. At one point in time her and I ran in the street for a block because the sidewalk was under construction and we didn't want to cross to the other side. Simple solutions are no fun. What's life without a teeny tiny bit of haphazard recklessness?

Who really gets to define the real measure if teeny tiny anyway?

I violate snowmen; she conquers snow mountains. It's a win-win fun filled day.

Goofy me, can't go wrong with pink and green, right? I really dislike pink, but green makes it so much better. I should start a slide show of the silly shit I wear out for the night.

Oh and let me mention, because I know April did a blog on this outing but I know what she didn't include!! She went on a potty run while I stayed watch the table, and then it would be vice versa. She came back all too quickly with her "embarassed" face (we all know I'm MUCH more brash than she). She said the door was locked. I said impossible, there are two stalls inside and no lock on the outer door. She gave me *the look*. I got it ... some couple was being frisky - lucky bastards. Told her to wait five mins and go back. Both bathroom and bar room ettiquete mandate that all quickies be, well, quick, thus five minute would be ample time. She did not want to go back for round two, so I gallantly volunteered. I gave the door a shove and wouldn't you know, after five minutes they were still bunnies galore, him pushing her into the door. My door shove was hard enough to move her off the door, which wasn't my intentions at first, but then I just went with it and walked right in. "Fun times" I chuckled as I nodded and preceded to the stall.

Gotta love random bar idiots at different cities! Also must love actually being one of the random bar idiots, whether drunk or sober. It's my style. This one isn't me, but I couldn't resist. I will be chastised tomorrow for this - but you have the underwear joke to blog.
"No expectations"

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Reaper said...

you gave the snowman blue balls didnt you?

findingmywingsinlife said...

I CANNOT believe you posted that awful pic of me!!!!! wait, yes I can...**sigh**

I'm taking that phone of yours away so you can't take more pics like that! Your exploiting the no expectations rule on me I swear... ;)

Triana said...

Reaper, well of course I did! What else do you do with a snowman?!?!

Wings, as I recall, you made the face and I said, "wait wait, do it again!" and then you did. Thus, you knew I would take the pic :) and what the crap, you have my entire blackberry's life worth of pictures now in your phone. There's a sea of blackmail in your blackberry! Hmm, almost funny, but not quite. Besides, you don't have the guts to post my fun pics. I still wanna know how you managed to explain having so many "nice" pics of your best friend on your phone to the honchos in that meetings. Truly an fml for you, and a tear jerker of laughter for me. Wait til I set your home screen photo!
...... I'm plotting ..... Muah ha ha ha!

Anonymous said...

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