Tuesday, January 26, 2010

lost passion

Where have you gone? Abandoned me? I was lost in desolation, for a moment. Maybe more, but not forever.

Warmth replecated as I hold myself into the night. Arms wrapped tight; sometimes caressing gently until my eyes begin to lull.

You are replacable, many times over. The passion that is lost from me is found again, in her soft arms, or his hot touch.

Time knows no boundaries when wrapped in lovers' bliss. Strangers but moments ago; Oh! How passion changes everything.

Nothing of my nature, and everything at once. Confusion as two sides prepare their arguments - already one has lost.

Bruises in the morning, covered with scarves, sleaves and paint. Flesh torn, lips swollen, limbs stiff and yet a small pleasure stolen.

Anger loses patience, and I move on so quickly. A tender side holds briefly, until overcome by the primal side of lust.

Roughened by night's cruel trick of promises, delicacy removes herself, releasing the ravenous beast.

Boredom ties with intimidation on the score board of my life. One cannot keep up with me, the other afraid to try.

I see which side has won you; hesitation triumps again. Your golden moment gone forever as I grow weary of this wait.

Instead a single night remains, burned into my memory - a tinder wood for future fires to feed my guiltless pleasures.

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Anonymous said...

I'm not quite sure what to say to this...but I did like it. (:

Brosreview said...

Very original, very true, the feel is here, and I can feel you. You know what, the word "lost" from your title is evident via your lines. Mental turmoil explained, possibly at its best. Brilliantly expressed! Now, keep such heartfelt writings coming!!!

Triana said...

Gavin ~ Who needs words? Well, I guess in blogger land, there aren't many other options for communication. Glad to meet your approval, ha ha ha!

Brosreview ~ I love your encouragements! Thanks :)~