Sunday, January 24, 2010

unfair decisions

The rotten stench attacking my senses comes from the darkness of your soul. You see nothing of it, less the mere moments where truth and dignity invite a quick glance at your destruction left behind. You blink before a tear of guilt can conjur true emotion, and when your eyes re-open, vision again returns to false reality where YOU are the only focus.  

I banished you from my life when you chose to walk from theirs; yet now you play at the part like it was meant for you. Neither of us sure whether you do more damage here or gone. That decision is not mine to make, while everyone else seems to think it is. That your son and daughter would be better without you, as the many others both before and after them, seems an obvious conclusion to all outside the show, but where is the grand scale of their magnificent decisions? Fairness plays a role in no one person's life.


Anonymous said...

"Fairness plays a role in no one person's life."

True, though some seem to have it easier then others.

Triana said...

Gavin ~ "seem" is the key word in that statement. No one has it easier. Some may play it off, and some may cover it up, but everyone is tragically the same. At some point anyway.