Sunday, January 3, 2010

remembering love

My daughter made this Christmas tree for me. She plucked the nub of a branch, hand cut ornaments, and fashioned a stand to hold the creation upright. It's moments like this that burst my heart with love.

My middle son asked me again this visit, "Why only two days mom? Why can't it be more?"

At 5 he just started kindergarten this year. He's at the top of his class, as is his older brother. I cannot be more proud of them. But like me, they think to much, and it causes too much pain.
"Why do you move to so many houses mom?"
Because I'm trying to find the one that fits me.
"Why don't you get a different job mom? So you can be closer?"
Because right at this moment I cannot find one that will pay me enough ... but one day I will.

Promise me, my children, that while no one else understands the sacrifices I've made, that someday you will look back and maybe just catch a glimpse. Just that much of an understanding. We think enough alike, you are capable of that.


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Brosreview said...

I strongly believe your sacrifices will not go unnoticed and will be acknowledged. A sweet post!

Triana said...

Brosreview ~ Mostly I struggle with having the patience to wait for that day. Thank you for the encouragement. It means a lot to me.