Sunday, April 19, 2009


A follow-up to Wing Seeker's post from our adventure Thursday night at stinky P's:

First let me say, that the simplest way to keep a drunk Triana busy is to give her April's phone. That dang contraption aggravates me beyond words, and it's my phone's cousin! It makes me want to do the cave man grunt & just chuck it to the wolves.

To expand on Seeker's post, the smiegel freak was utterly disturbing. And his band sucked. I realized after a min that I was staring mouth agape, but I only realized this after I noticed another acquaintance a few feet away doing the same.

Pink sweat pants. Heels. Not just kitten heels. Four inch black heals. With pink sweat pants. Seriously, she hopped about the dance floor like a wild bunny on crack.

HOT pink go-go boots, on a 40 year old woman. With a jean skirt. And a tight HOT pink t-shirt. Frizzy hair. Can I call one of those make-over shows?

Leopard print dress, not so much. Black tights on a guy wearing shorts... Hmmmm, don't know how I feel on that one either. And one that Wings left off, the jean skirt combined with some funky knee high laced up shoe/boot oddity.

At one point, well, nix that.... all night long I was checking out guys, cuz that's what I do. Unabashedly. As usual, my big mouth gets me into slight trouble. Or better put, embarrassment. Like say, when I gush about how hott a particular guy is, only to have April point out that he has now stopped a foot or two away from me & is now listening, knowing I'm talking about him. Oooops, my bad. He eventually came over to our table to talk. I was stammerring for words. Don't know what the heck happened to Miss Thing 'cuz suddenly I was Miss I-only-speak-in-one-syllable-answers.

The highlight of my night though, watching the horror on Wings' face as I repeatedly asked her if she wanted to see my boobs bounce throughout the night. What can I say? They have a lot of bounce. Keeps me entertained! Well, drunk at least.

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