Sunday, April 12, 2009

word to the wise

It's amazing how a truly relaxing, peaceful day can spiral so completely out of control just for answering one simple phone call; one phone call that leaves me staggering through reality, focused once again on each downfall in my life.

That you brushed my arm? That I let you down? That I became someone you thought I never would? Who do you think you are? Really? That you went to prison because you tried to have a life with me? Get over yourself. It was your drinking, your issues that landed you there, and it wasn't the first time so back off trying to make me take the blame for your inadequacies. You dare call me, because once again you're drunk & need someone to blame. Tear me down baby, you're so damn good at it. Next your gonna blame me for this new chick you've knock up? Tell me please, what role did I play in that? Do me just ONE favor in your life, fill your head with reality & not the bullshit you tend to wallow in. I'm over you.

1 comment:

Nick James said...

Feel better!

I wish we could all have days where our phones didn't ring, but life is life. I've missed reading and am happy to be back, I hope that I still ahve your friendship!