Saturday, April 25, 2009

tastes like grass

Momma, when I talk, the talk comes out my ears.

*that's better than talking out your ass like most people manage to accomplish*


Momma, guess what Tyler's doing? He's riding a baby tractor. **Logan looking out the window from the back of the couch**

What? *thoroughly confused*

Tyler's riding a baby tractor. *matter of fact*

Where? *still trying to catch up*

Outside. *Logan says everything in a matter of fact tone. He's a 4 year old constantly explaining rocket science - it's that sort of "this is how it is, moron" tone*

What's he doing out there? *perplexed*

Riding a baby tractor. *complete with the "here's your sign" look*

(Because I didn't quite get it the first 2 times. The thing that had me confused was that Tyler was gone with Samantha; I didn't know they were home already.)


Last night I ordered a baked potato from Wendy's, which they covered in chives. I don't mind a few chives, but I'm not a big fan of a six inch layer, so I flipped most of the extra chives onto the tray. My oldest, Briana, decided that she wanted to try a chive. After carefully choosing one single chopped chive, delicately chewing/swishing it around her mouth, she shrugged her shoulders and nonchalantly declared....

"It tastes like grass."

I nearly choked on my potato. Before I could swallow & recover, she followed it up with, "Yes mom, I know what grass tastes like, I've ate it before."


For the Friday recap -
My daughter eats grass.
My middle son talks out his ears.
My oldest son rides baby tractors.
My youngest son is just trying to keep up with the crew. Good luck son.

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