Wednesday, April 15, 2009

gym shoes?

True story. Today, I lost my shoes while at the gym. I'm not talking like, I brought a pair of gym sneakers & then misplaced them. I'm talking about the one & only pair of shoes that I walked in wearing.

Only I can pull this off. Trust me. On a random thought, maybe this is what I get for not drinking for three whole days.


Brosreview said...

Might be, someone's deliberately hiding them from you. They're probably your drinking partners whom you have been denying a get together since the past few days, eh? Hmm, a thing to ponder upon. Haha.

Triana said...

I would agree with you if not for the fact that I knew NO ONE else @ the gym yesterday. It could quite possibly be that some random bloke hid my shoes & watched me search every fricken locker looking for them. I'm probably on a hidden camera somewhere.

Also, I have no specific drinking partners. I just drink with whomever happens to be at the same place, same time situation. My buddies do not wait on me to have a drink, nor do I wait on them! LOL

Priscilla Jane said...

lol. =) We have an entire drawer of shoes people leave at la fitness. so you're not alone!! =D