Thursday, May 21, 2009

can i ask...

Last night I ventured solo into Fat Boyz, a local bar, to have a bite & a beer. I haven't been in this bar for nearly two years, when it was previously named Gio's. I enjoyed a taco salad with Busch Light while watching a ball game & the final of American Idol.

After a bit, several guys came in and occupied the bar stools beside me, the nearest one starting conversation with me. After quite awhile of regular bar/sports jibber jabber, out comes the *oh no* question...
"Can I ask you something?"

*** Guys, why bother preceeding anything with that request? It's absolutely ridiculous. In fact, it instantly raises the fear guard.***

Want to know the rest?

"Do you have kids?"
... Yep
"Good! I'm at the age where I don't want to have kids of my own & it's important for any girl I date to have kids already, because I really like kids."

Wow. Did I miss something? Talking about beer, favorite bars, bands, and sports equates to I wanna be your girlfriend?? I need the hand book here. I quashed my immediate urge to respond back, "Great! Go work in a zoo"

Instead, for fear of saying either something completely jack-ass (see above) or anything remotely leading him on, I sat in silence. He must have gotten the point, after a few moments he simply muttered, "Oh".

Well now, wasn't that fun? Geesh.

Now, I apparently gave off some other waves, because not long after that the chick at the end of the bar decide she wants to go to Curly's and would like my company. Ummm, no?

Can someone please tell me where I went wrong here?

I have no idea who this woman was. I have never been to Curly's. Yet she kisses me on the cheek, leaving bright red lipstick marks, after I refused *many* times to accompany her, and then saunters out the door.

Never a dull moment.

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findingmywingsinlife said...

you left that last bit out of the conversation when you were telling me about this...

I still say that when a guy respectfully asks the "can I ask you something" question, that it is a sign that they are respectful and understanding. But hey, I tend to think its rude of people to just outright ask me things...might be something to do with this bubble space issue we keep saying I have :)