Wednesday, May 27, 2009

et cetera

What an interesting weekend! For starters, Friday I had my 10yr old daughter wax my arm pips. Yep, I did it. She loved it. Who doesn't want to rip hair from your mother's armpits?? Bingo!

After that I spent the night sippin beer around the fire in the back yard to kill the fact that my sensitive parts just had every hair ripped out by a gleeful child.

Of course, kids were in bed. Almost. My 9 year old son startled the hell outta me by screaming at the top of his lungs for no apparent reason. I ran into the room, no child smuglers... He pants tearfully that he's scared. Um hello, of what?! The only child of mine that hasn't ever been scared of the dark is now screaming banshee style. I reassured him that I am, in fact, wayyyy scarier than ANYthing that he could possibly imagine. It worked. He went straight to sleep.

Chinese for lunch
Headwaters Park with the kidlets
Again with the beer at the campfire along with some tasty 'mallows & chocolate perfectly smamwiched between goodnessy grahams.

Bailey's 2nd bday... catch up with Sandy after being separated for a year. Still the same story. My kids stayed the night with her kids. I went back home & guess what I did?!?!

If you guessed beer & fire, you win! Grab a cookie!!

Didn't go to work!! YES! Love the holiday!! Slepttttttt in... Till nearly Noon, just cuz I could do that. Eventually managed to rescue my rugrats from the Slider residence and deliver them to the mistake that devoured my life for all too long. Then guess what?

CLOSE! But a lil different this time. Bree Olsen anyone? Yes please. Partied Super Star style with the one and only lovely and a select few of our friends. Gave up the beer for the night, replaced it with 151.

I did take a time out for dinner at Biaggi's with April ... my early dinner feast! Shhhh, don't tell but I actually convinced her to come back to the party, woot woot! She played the wonderful role of delivering drunks to their homes :)

Ahhhh... all this partying and I haven't even made it to my big day of dread. Ooops, I mean my big day of FUN! [Because after oh, say 25, we just all love turning one year after the other]


Natalie said...

Ouch! Happy Birthday Triana.xx♥

findingmywingsinlife said...

Well, I can't very well let people drive while they're drunk now can I? And since I don't drink, being a DD suits me just fine.

Spaghetti Fields said...

We didn't have kids and it was my birthday weekend, too! Sounds like you had more fun than me. I had my first shot of tequila AND played the cowbell for some band. That was pretty fun.