Friday, May 1, 2009


*my laptop hard drive has crashed
*my phone battery completely dies in less than an hour
*my phone charger doesn't work (I actually believe it's the connection on my phn, not the charger)
*the trackball on my blackberry works about 50% of the time - therefore I can't text, email, myspace, facebook, or blog
*my roommate's pc is froze
*i don't know how to use the flip'n remote to my roommate's tv (I'm really good at pushing buttons, but I can't figure this shit out!)

What does all this equal? Technology hates me. Once again, Karma is snacking at my lunch table.

My remedy is as follows:
*Key 2 Eden tonight at Columbia Street West
*Konga Kurt & Amanda Kittredge accoustic duo at the Green Frog Saturday evening followed by.....
*Dancing til I my legs collapse at Babylon (because no one knows a good night of dancing like gay men!)

The really fun part...
I have $27 in my bank account for the next 6 days... and $6 in cash

My official first day of work (where I've been working as a temp for the last 6 months) as a real employee & a $1.50 hourly pay raise, is Monday. I'm celebrating, and I'm broke before I step out the door.

On a lighter note, I have a full tank of gas. I know how to party on nada. It's all about being out, socializing, meeting new people & running into friends.

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