Tuesday, May 12, 2009


I fall too easily. I have too many walls. I trust readily. I keep my distance too late. I linger too long.

Last Thursday I was hanging out at O'Sullivan's with some much older friends when this hot guy that had been winking at me all night suddenly walks by & hands me a note on his way out of the bar.
"You're beautiful. I have to take you out for dinner. ###-#### K*** "
I didn't read the note until he was out the door. I waited til the next day to text him. We've been out twice since then & have been non-stop on the texting. I'm not saying it's anything too serious at this point, but I'll admit it may have potential.

But all that is not the good stuff... what cracks my guts is that my ultra-conservative best friend, whom I sometimes feel connected at both the hip & the brain, keeps raving about him. I don't get this at all. She's ALWAYS the one telling me to slow down & stop rushing (and as she cringes, I'm adding this next part for humor...)
Blah blah blah
** I'll expand on this blah blah blah in a minute **

Bottom line, I am THE wild crazy dumb ass that is constantly doing THE stupidest shit, while she is the loving true best friend that not only consoles me & stands by my side when I need someone physically beside me, she's also the one shaking her finger in my face & asking if it's once again lecture time.

So while I've know the guy for less than a week, we're perusing the internet for our big escape this weekend, and I show her a new friend that is actually an old friend but we've lost contact for the past year and actually ran into each other the same night at O'Sullivan's... she glances at the internet page and flatly states "stick with K".

I giggle. Then I realize *hold on* she has never met K, yet she's giving her approval AND encouraging me?? Whoa! Who are you? What have you done with April? Are you on drugs!? My giggling is cut short.

Hello? What's that about?? Well, she says to me, you're glowy & happy instead of the challenging attitude you normally get when it comes to guys.


Wake up call. She, as usual, is right on that. I am a bitch when it comes to guys in the last two years. I get cocky & arrogant. Good call April! And thanks for putting me back into my place with some sweet introspective.
That's only part of what I love ya for!


More funny stories about my blackberry experiences... My trackball quit working. Exactly 10 days after my year warranty expired on my blackberry. Of course!! Rather than pay the money to order a new trackball online, I tear mine apart. Completely. I'm not just talking about pop'n the trackball unit out & air blowing it, I'm talking I tore the thing to shreds, pulled each wheel apart to clean every surface. Then put it back together backwards.

My up/down now moves the cursor left & right. Of course the left/right now moves everything up/down. I love my brain! Who does that!? Sadly, I'm satisfied with it enough to just deal instead of correcting it. If you see me looking at my phone with my head cocked, I'm just trying to drunkly remember which direction to spin my wheel.

Also, continuing on with my stupidity, sometimes I try the same with my keyboard at work, hitting the right arrow key to move up... it doesn't work.

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Spaghetti Fields said...

That sounds like something I would do- put it in backwards and deal with it, then expect everything else around me to run backwards.

I say have *fun* getting to know K and if things head in a more serious direction- then so be it. Sometimes people forget that the best things about falling for someone is the fall. (especially those of us that have been burned). So like I said- enjoy getting to know each other and take it from there. April's right. Let yourself be glowey.