Tuesday, May 5, 2009

cinco de whata?

I have realized....

Uh oh, hold on. This could be dangerous. All writings here are to stay here & not be used against me at any point down the road. Now, once again....

I have realized that I'm a lil bit more attracted to a certain new friend than I would have originally liked to admit. However, I'm now fully convinced that a large amount of this attraction is the fact that I don't know if he's at all interested in me. In fact, I'm fairly sure he doesn't at all. Why does that turn me on so?

Most guys that I've met in the last two years are instantly telling me how beautiful my eyes are, how much they love big boobs, how much they love a "healthy ass", how radiant my smile is, blah blah blah. Even how sweet I am, in which case I then know for sure that the dumb twit is definately blowing smoke up my ass, because I am everything but sweet in a man's world.

On the flip side of sweet, I also get the usual mentioning of what a fiesty fireball I am, and that I'm probably just as fiery in bed. Well, they're right, but I'm an extreme... and boys, as much as you *think* you can either handle me or satisfy me, you are very wrong. Very. I'd say keep trying, but I'm really not up for another teaching session of enlightenment.

Therefore, I've sworn off sex. Oh I'm sure one day I'll come around & break free again, but until then, just don't ask. You really aren't as good as you'd like to think you are.


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